Mortgage Finance Steps (Step by Step Process)

Here at AAIMF, it’s our goal to help you understand each and every step of mortgage process. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Counseling: Is an essential step to seek an expert opinion and recommendation from our team of mortgage advisors who will help you finding the best mortgage finance solution that suit your requirements.
  1. Cooperation: With your collaboration and our expert team, we will choose the most suitable mortgage and preferable unit that will put your mind at ease. 
  2. Processing: This is the phase where we work on the Appraisal, Title Search, Lien Payoff, and various other procedures until the final approval.

Initial Applying processing

    • To fill in AAIMF Application form & its attachments.
    • Submit income documents & unit documents


    • Print I-score, to provide you with initial approval.
    • Life insurance
    • Unit documents due diligence
    • Appraise Unit
    • Final approval
  1. Closing & Disbursement: The final step is where everything is completely approved by all parties. Set date with you and seller to sign tripartite contract & other mortgage documents.