Respecting Time Value: Is one of AAIMF’s core values, your time is precious, thus it will be invested towards your own benefit. In just a few working days all your worries will be put to rest, by providing you with our suite of free services. AAIMF helps you find the proper unit that matches both the mortgage terms and suits your needs.

Unit Registration: AAIMF assists you in unit registration procedures.

Mortgage Finance Benefits: It is a long-term financial process with fixed monthly equal installments with an array of payment methods on offer. Payment methods vary in order to meet your exact needs. These include flexibility of rescheduling, partial payment, full settlement, income source clubbing as well as co-borrowers and income clubbing.

Insurance: Unit insurance and life insurance are applied to ensure you and your family against any risks.

Appraisal: An appraisal ensures the unit is bought at a fair selling price.

Fees: Transparency throughout the whole process is essential, to avoid any hidden fees and complications.